Sunday, May 1, 2016

Aaaaaa! i'm finally updating this blog. such a long time no see. dah nak grad diploma dah. ohh btw i forgot to tell that i got the offer letter from uitm to further my diploma in industrial design. i left ptsb for my passion in art. and finally, i made it for around 2 years and a half, finished my diploma.. alhamdulillah... 

And suddenly, my friend told me that he actually found my blog. even myself did forget about that. i do remember this meaningful blog but forget about the link. thanks to him btw ive found it back.. and i read the previous post, i laughed a lot. hahahaha. it seems like not like me.. what was i thought while writing it...seriously. well, time flies and people changes. me too. a lot of things happened during the time. i once thought about deactiving this account but someone stop me of doing that because it just like my diary now, how can i stop writing it? it would be just a memoriable story that one that, i can read it over and over again. thought that it will deactiving itself because of the long time no-operation but thank god it still active..

 The purpose on writing this entry is i just wanna tell how grateful it is, found my diary back. thank to amiraizuddin, the stalker. kahkah. 
On now on im looking forward my free time waiting my degree application, to update this blog.. 

That's all. and assalamualaikum..

some of my life's memories. many to tell. wait for the upcoming updates :)
my passion

family potret ;)